We Enhance Every
Type of Floor
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A Simple Way to Keep
Floors Looking New
Get More From Your Floor!

A Green Way to Clean
(and LEED Compliant)
Get More From Your Floor!

Ensure and Extend
Flooring Warranties
Get More From Your Floor!

Expert Floor Care. Easy. Simple. Better.

Expert Floor Care. Easy. Simple. Better.

If you walk on it we can keep it cleaner, better looking, healthier, and safer. Whether it’s carpet, tile and grout, VCT or anything else, we’re the experts at maintaining it. Your floor will have an enhanced appearance, better safety, and reduced maintenance once we start doing preventative maintenance on it. You’ll find that your investment in your flooring pays off better with us as your maintenance partner.

If you’re a Property Manager, we’ll protect your assets. If you’re a GC, we’ll solve your flooring problems. And, we’ll make sure that you’re happy at the end of the job. Period.

Our systems are simple and highly effective. They are also greener and more convenient. We break the cycle of getting your floor cleaned, then having it get dirty faster than before.

When we’re done with your carpet it’ll be dry and stay cleaner longer. When we’re done with your tile and grout, they’ll look new, not be slippery, and be odor-free. And we guarantee our results for any kind of floor.

The best time to start maintaining your floor is the day it’s installed. We’ll ensure you comply with your manufacturer’s warranty, and even extend it. We’ll work with your janitorial staff to keep your floors looking attractive, clean, healthy, and safe. And we’ll maximize the life of your floor to protect your investment.

We are PMG, the floor maintenance experts.



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